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Since their inception in 2019, Alex Maes & The Connection has meticulously honed a distinctive Jazz/R&B musical experience that is thoughtful, powerful, and engaging. Lead singer Alex Maes injects an attention-grabbing energy into her lyrics, while the band crafts a robust rhythmic foundation for the melodies to soar over. Embracing influences from Jazz, R&B, Neo-Soul, and Rock, the band has crafted a distinctive sound that truly sets them apart.

Alex's musical journey began in middle school, evolving through college where she learned to refine her songwriting, deliver emotionally charged vocal performances, and craft elevated arrangements. Bringing together musicians Warren Pettey (keys/piano), Kevin Barber (bass), and Francisco Morales (drums), The Connection evolved into a versatile trio before formally adopting the name Alex Maes & The Connection. Their performances at venues like Rockwood Music Hall, The Narrows, and Boston City Plaza showcase their ability to elevate any song. Nominated for awards in the New England Music Awards 2021 (Best R&B/Soul Nominee) and New England Last Band Standing Competition 2022 (Finalists), they are recognized for their compelling lyrics, music, and engaging performances.

The palpable energy that resonates between the band members is evident in their music, reflecting a cohesive bond and an innate ability to anticipate each other's ideas on stage. With their debut EP already released, Alex Maes & The Connection continues to invite listeners on a captivating musical journey, marking an exciting chapter in their evolving career. 

Alex Maes
Lead Vocals
Photo Aug 18, 1 44 22 AM.jpg
Warren Pettey
Kevin Barber
Francisco Morales


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